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What happens when you never see your feedback?

Interesting question! Secretly, in the underground caverns of our underground secret lair here at the time-machine world headquarters, we've been running a top-secret side-experiment called "Project BlindFold". BlindFold is where participants (our time travelers) are using a special version of the Time-Machine app where they are not allowed to see their feedback. So instead of the remote viewing intention: "What is in the photo that I will see during feedback?", their intentions are: "What is in the photo?". It's crazy to think that it would be possible to intuitively perceive something that we never actually see, and in fact, no person will ever see. But then again, it's sort of crazy to think that it's even possible to do this anyhow.

Since we started this side project, we've collected almost 5000 BlindFold trials since October and the results are sort of mind blowing... Check out the 2 plots below. Keep in mind that the blue line is your performance as per your instructions and your intention: "perceive the photo". The purple line is called "displacement" and it reflects your performance in perceiving all of the 'other' photos in the other trials that isn't really what you were tasked with doing. For example, displacement is when you perceive a red ball for trial 1, but notice that there is a red ball as the target for trial 6. We don't really intend to displace, but, we know we do it anyhow, so we measure that, and we can use the displacement score to increase our confidence in the prediction, so it's all good and all valuable data. For non-BlindFold, regular predictions, we use a combination of your intended score with your displacement score which is the green line on the plot below called a "combo" score.

Project BlindFold (no feedback) since Oct 3, 2023. 4873 trials, 52.15% win rate, Z score = 3.37 (intended only)

All other time travelers (see feedback) since Oct 3, 2023. 11913 trials, 50.6% win rate, Z score = 1.56 (combined displacement + intended)

As you can clearly see, the graph lines look interesting for project Blindfold participants in the following ways:

  1. The overall z= 3.37 Z score is significantly higher for BlindFold participants than those who see feedback which is just below significance at z= 1.56.

  2. Project BlindFold participants don't displace for some reason. Note how far apart the purple line is from the blue line. This is a really interesting discovery. In fact, the displacement Z score is Below chance at -.79 (but not significantly).


Since the only difference between a feedback and no-feedback trial is obviously that you are looking at feedback, then the cause of displacement has to have something to do with the actual act of viewing your feedback. Perhaps participants subconsciously seek out validation by making comparisons between a poor match between the intended RV transcript / target and a target for another trial. I think you know what I mean, because we've all been there: "wow - I know the target for trial 3 isn't connected to my RV transcript for trial 2, but it's a perfect match and I'm amazing!" Validated. In our case, since we use AI to judge and score the matches, it's ok to displace because we can measure that and use it in your over all "combo" score. But if you are blind to the result and to all of the targets, you won't be doing this, and that must be the reason for higher intended performance.

However, this ego game, does seem to sort of mess things up a bit because the Z score for non-BlindFold participants is quite a bit lower than for the blindfolded. The performance also seems to fluctuate more for those who see their feedback.

Perhaps WANTING your success too much actually hurts your ability to achieve that success. You know what they say about achieving something: "try to get it, then let go, and it will come to you". "Letting go" is easier said than done!

If you are interested in joining BlindFold, send me a message. If you are not a member of project BlindFold, please continue to view your feedback.

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