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Mission Remote Healing update

As a reminder, mission Remote Healing was a sort of mini experiment inside our larger experiment to see if we can utilize some of our psychic energy to help a person heal. Though. Our objective here is not to conduct a scientific study. More details:

To update you on our collective progress, Rolf spoke with Deborah yesterday.  She got her radiation therapy which left her with some minor burn discomfort.  However she surprised her doctors when they told her she could start doing some light walking exercise and she told them that she has started running 2km per day!   She does not yet have 100% of her energy back but she expressed sincere gratitude to our team of remote healers!

Good work team! I know that mission remote healing isn’t very scientific, but it certainly shows promise and, well, it can’t hurt right? So thanks to all who contributed on behalf of Deborah,  Rolf and all of us here at time-machine! 

Happy time traveling,


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