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Using an A.I. to analyze your RV transcript

Check out the new amazing trials I just uploaded to the ShowCase (link in the web app). Here are two standout trials:

"round. circular. wet. balls. sweet"

"red. gasoline. container"

Trials with scores above 3 don't happen all that often, but when they do, they're usually just outstanding. As you know, we use an A.I. tool to compare your remote viewing transcript to both photos that are attached to the trial; the correct photo which is the photo that ends up being associated to the outcome of the event, and the incorrect photo which no person will ever see. The A.I. isn't perfect. You have probably noticed some close matches and a poor score, or the other way around, a poor match and a higher score. This happens. However, compared to the amount of work required to do this comparison manually, I think just doing more trials can overcome the weaknesses of the A.I.

Another benefit to using an A.I. is that nobody ever actually looks at the wrong photo, so if you have a tendency to displace the focus of your RV to something / somewhere / sometime else... like another photo in the prediction, or even the wrong photo, it should be unlikely that you would displace to the wrong photo if you never actually see it.

A third benefit to using an A.I. to judge your sessions is that it is 100% objective, whereas a human doing the same job is going to be subjective. I've seen this so many times, I know it is a problem. As humans, we do't have the ability to think statistically, so when we see a match, we are more likely to assign the match a high score without proper consideration of how likely the similarities match any random photo. A good example is "girl" and there is a girl in the image and you assign it a high confidence score. But in reality, there might be girls in, say, 30% of all photos, so it doesn't really merit a high score. Because we use the A.I. to compare your transcript to the targets, and ALSO to a bunch of random images, our software can compute a statistical Z score which reflects the TRUE likelihood that the match is outside of chance expectation.


The A.I. function that we use is situated on another server in the cloud somewhere, and it's quite complex and takes some amount of time to process. This has been the source of intermittent problems saving your trial data. We are working on resolving those issues, and I want to THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT WITH US! As always, if you noticed an issue, please report it to me as soon as you can. The problem stems from the fact that it takes time to process, and when the server is busy processing other users trials, it gets even slower. This weekend, we are re-writing this process to offload the processing to the sever without making your browser wait for the result. It will mean faster processing times between trials, but you probably won't be able to see your confidence scores until the server completes processing which could mean that you might have to check back later if you are interested in your prediction and scores.

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