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Almost 10,000 trials!!!

Congratulations, Team Time Travel Extraordinaires!

🚀🎉 You've officially hit 9461 trips to the future! 🌟 With a z-score of 2.1, you're not just beating the odds, you're rewriting them! This score puts you 2.1 standard deviations above mere chance, which translates to odds against chance of about 1 in 48. That's like flipping a coin and getting heads 47 times in a row, then landing a time machine on the 48th! 🪙⏰

The plot above shows the cumulative Z-score for Intended trials (blue line z=2.1), displacement trials (purple line z=.7) and a combination of both (green line z= 2.13). I have discussed the different between intended and displacement in another blog post if you are new to the time travel team, and don't know what that means.

Aside from measuring displacement (I'm not even sure that's ever been done before), there are a few other really fascinating effects that we are observing! I'll be sure to update you on these as I become more confident as more trials are collected and the statistical significance becomes clearer. In fact, watch for a blog post soon about LUNAR PHASE!

Your journey has been nothing short of a statistical marvel. Keep bending time and breaking barriers, but remember, if you ever get lost in 2044, don't ask for directions - you might spoil the surprise! 🤫

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