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SEEING THE FUTURE: How do we know that you can know what you will never know?

You are wondering how I got this awesome photo of you right? Ha ha, my secret. The concept of traveling into the future and observing something in that future that you will eventually, actually observe in the future should seem pretty straight forward to you by now, because you have been doing that every day with the Time-Machine app. That's basically your job description. But, is it possible that we can also perceive aspects of a future that we never actually observe? Does a tree really fall in the forest if we aren't there to observe it?

The answer to that question is YES - you CAN see a future that nobody, including you, will ever actually experience. Ever. Here is how we know:

The Blue line is our accumulating Z score for all of the "correct" photos that we actually see when we view our feedback. The ending Z score as of now is a very significant z=2.88. That basically means that the A.I. is scoring the match between your remote viewing transcript and the photo that you actually will observe during feedback (the photo that was associated to the actual outcome of the event that you were predicting) 2.88 standard deviations higher than it would score the match between your RV transcript and some random image. There is no doubt that the A.I. is matching some of your RV data to the image that you will actually see at feedback time.

The purple line down at the bottom is our accumulating Z score for all of the "wrong" photos that we never actually see. Note that the ending z score for the purple line is z= -.79. This negative z-score means that we are AVOIDING identifying aspects of the wrong target (the photo that was associated to the outcome of the event that did NOT happen, and also the photo that we will never see) more often than chance would permit. In order for your subconscious mind to be able to avoid stuff in the wrong photo, means that it must also have some form of "access" to it.

Your intention is to identify the photo that you will be shown, which is also the photo that is associated to the actual outcome of the event that you are predicting. However, to accomplish that intention, you also have to avoid identifying any parts of the photo that you won't be shown, because that would create confusion as the A.I. compares your transcript to both photos. So, to assist the A.I., and also to accomplish your intention, your subconscious mind takes this extra step by filtering your RV transcript and strips out any perceptions that match aspects of the wrong photo. Cool hey?

Not only is this really fascinating, but it's also USEFUL! Useful because we can take the inverse of the z-score for the wrong target, and add it to the z-score for the correct target thereby increasing our confidence in our prediction. That's what the green line on the plot above is. The combined Z score for both the correct AND incorrect targets is an extremely significant z=3.67.

So there you go: now you definitely know that you can know what you will never know. And I'm a poet and didn't know it.

Happy time traveling crew!


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