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Phase 1

R. Wenzel  


As the Time-Machine Remote Viewing team has some great psychic talent, Greg and I kicked around the idea of using energy healing, or Remote Healing to help a test subject with a specific illness.  The general idea is that Time Traveler volunteers would take a minute or two after their current remote viewing session and transmit Remote Healing energy at a specific target person.


There is significant and rigorous scientific evidence of the efficacy of energy healing.  In the past 60 years, ever more sensitive measurement devices have been able to detect electromagnetic and photon emissions from living things that are now commonplace measurements.  Photonic transmission of healing has been shown to penetrate even Faraday cages. Not only this but EEG and MRI easily measure physical responses in receivers of thought transmissions in the form of electrical activity and increased blood flow to parts of the brain. 

Numerous studies conducted by highly credentialed academics have shown measurable health improvements.  One early NIH sponsored study on AIDS patients had startlingly positive results.   Cancer cells have been remotely killed with the power of intention.   A book that digestibly summarizes the many hard science studies underlying energy healing is The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart.   (If you are not into physics, skip ahead to Chapter 2 where the results begin to be discussed.)   Her more recent book, The Power of Eight summarizes this and adds the latest results of her intention experiments and its effects on both the receiver and the sender.   

Our objective here is not to conduct a scientific study (yet), rather to see if we can utilize some of our psychic energy to help a person heal. 


I am no expert in this realm, but have developed a protocol which I employ as part of my daily meditation practice.   I have applied no scientific rigor to measuring the fate of my subjects, some of whom have been relatives, friends, acquaintances or people Ive never met who Ive been told are sick with a serious illness.  In general, they do tend to stay on the planet.  I do not normally inform people that I am sending them healing beams, thus I am not usually mobilizing any placebo effect that may be induced by informing the subject.  For this project, we need the target persons consent, and we just want to help them, so we welcome any placebo effect.  


I have obtained consent from our first remotehealing target.  Her name is Deborah Kane, mother of 2 adult daughters who all live in Edmonton.  Deborah grew up on a ranch, is a wonderful and intelligent person, published author and the sister of a colleague of mine.  Neither Deborah nor her family requested this form of support/intervention.  Deborah has in the past done remote healing on others and is open to this initiative. She is battling cervical cancer.  


Trial Duration:  6 weeks for the first target person.

Frequency and Duration:  After each remotereviewing session for 1-2 minutes, or as long as you like.


RELAX - This presumes your brain is in a pretty relaxed / open state as you complete your regular remote viewing session.  

ENERGY BUILD-UP - Emotion gives energy!   Think of immediate or even extended family members and/or close friend(s) holding hands with you in a circle.  Visualize each person.  Feel the love you have for one of those people, or the love one of those has for another (example parent and child).  Intensify the feeling rapid breathing may help.  Before you target our remote subject with healing energy, first apply that love energy to healing any affliction in a member of your own circle group using Step 3 following. 

TRANSMIT HEALING ENERGY - Visualize the subject standing upright with a smile on their face and your healing energy beaming into them.   

Visualize the bad cells dying and/or dark energy pooping out of their backside. 

Ask a higher power to restore HEALTHY EQUILIBRIUM and visualize the person  glowing with health and dancing with joy with their loved ones.  Feel the joy of their loved ones.

While you have this feeling and intensity immediately repeat Step 3 for Deborah, our remote healing target person!


This is currently structured as an informal experiment that might help someone.  I will check in with our target person at time zero to subjectively assess their condition and again at week 3 and week 6.  Time Travelers who participate may or may not get a definitive result.  


If you would like to participate: 

Dive in after every Remote Viewing session to Remote Heal!

If you made it this far, Thank You!!!  

If you have any questions or have experience and new ideas to improve the protocol, send us a message with the subject: Remote Healing

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