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Aside from werewolves, be careful time-traveling on a new moon.

5947 trials % correct vs. lunar phase (new moon = .5)

The above plot shows the % win rate for 5947 trials vs the lunar phase, with the new moon in the center of the x axis at .5. The 5947 trials are from my 13 year Associative Remote Viewing study from 1998 to 2011. You can read the paper here. I had been tracking my effect size vs the new and full moon for many years, and only recently got around to taking a look at the time-machine project data vs the moon phase.



9501 trials % correct vs. lunar phase (new moon = .5)

The two plots look a little similar even though the dates that the trials took place are up to 26 years apart.



15449 trials % correct vs. lunar phase (new moon = .5 & 1.5, full moon = 1)

Adding all of the trials together (15,449 trials) is interesting. In the above plot, I have extended out the x axis to fully include the full moon period (1) as well as the new moon (.5 & 1.5). It is important to note that when we use the error bar lines (purple and green lines which are 1 standard deviation) to measure the difference between the highest effect size at the full moon, and the lowest effect size at the new moon, we get at least 3+ standard deviations from chance which is very significant.

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