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We are looking for meditation / visualization app testers.


What we’re doing:


We’re testing out an app that we’ve developed called Time-Machine. Our goal is to see whether humans have the ability to visualize a future outcome while in a mildly meditative state. I know… it sounds a little crazy, but this does work, and the science behind it is really very deep. To date, we have collectively completed 40,000 trials which have been 51% correct in predicting their respective future outcomes resulting in over 2.523 standard deviations from chance expectation. This translates to odds against chance of approximately 1 in 160. This means that such an outcome is highly unlikely to occur by random chance, indicating that the guesses (predictions) are not simply random.

Screen Shot 2024-05-01 at 9.10.15 AM.png

Here is what the job entails:


At some point, once per day whenever you choose, you must spend at least 30 minutes in a mildly meditative state working your way through 10 trials performing some visualization tasks using the Time-Machine web app. We use an A.I. model to analyze your 10 trials to make 1 prediction. Therefore, 10 trials = 1 prediction. You must use a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. Due to the small screen, a smart phone is not acceptable. Complete 1 prediction (10 trials) each day for 5 consecutive days, for a total of up to 5 predictions for the week.


This is what we will pay you based on your prediction success:


1 correct prediction out of 5 predictions = $5

2 correct predictions out of 5 predictions = $5

3 correct predictions out of 5 predictions = $10

4 correct predictions out of 5 predictions = $25

5 correct predictions out of 5 predictions = $50


5 consecutive predictions completes the payment cycle.


For example: For Week 1, you complete a prediction on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. For Week 2, you complete a prediction on Monday. This completes your set of 5 predictions and you will be paid based on the above incentive schedule.


Since the predictions are a binary choice, 50% correct is the mean. So, you should average at least 2.5 correct days each week if you are performing at average random chance. But I know that you will do better than that


 If you have a good handle on the process and are a high performer, you may continue for another week for an additional 5 more more paid predictions. If you complete 10 predictions and continue to be a high performer, there is an opportunity for a permanent position on our team (contingent on performance). That's right, you can be a professional time traveler! ;-) 

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