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After 40,000 trials conducted by 460 participants from 13 countries, we now have an answer: unequivocally YES!

The Time-Machine experiment is based upon an app we developed at which combines visualization in a meditative state and artificial intelligence with the goal of retrieving a single bit of information from the future.

To date, we have collectively completed 40,000 trials which have been 51% correct in predicting their respective future outcomes (where 50% would be expected by chance) resulting in a statistically significant 2.523 standard deviations from chance expectation. This translates to odds against chance of approximately 1 in 160. This means that such an outcome is highly unlikely to occur by random chance, indicating that the predictions are not simply random.

51% might not seem like much, but we can leverage this small effect size with consensus, confidence filtering, and even some external factors like lunar phase and local sidereal time to amplify the signal and achieve win rates closer to 60%.

So far, the answer is YES is it possible to travel into the future and bring back a bit of information.

Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 11.26.43 AM.png
Cumulative z score 2.52 (51%). "0" is 50% chance. A z score > 1.7 is considered statistically significant.
Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 11.40.00 AM.png
Cumulative z score 4.9 (57%) when using consensus, confidence score and lunar phase filtering.



WE NEED YOU! We are ramping up our experiment and we need participants. We pay a base fee for your help plus an incentive fee for performance.

Here is what the job entails:


At some point, once per day whenever you choose, you must spend at least 30 minutes in a mildly meditative state working your way through 10 trials performing some visualization tasks using the Time-Machine web app. We use an A.I. model to analyze your 10 trials to make 1 prediction. Therefore, 10 trials = 1 prediction. You must use a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. Due to the small screen, a smart phone is not acceptable. Complete 1 prediction (10 trials) each day for 5 consecutive days, for a total of up to 5 predictions for the week.


This is what we will pay you (CAD) based on your prediction success:


1 correct prediction out of 5 predictions = $5

2 correct predictions out of 5 predictions = $5

3 correct predictions out of 5 predictions = $10

4 correct predictions out of 5 predictions = $25

5 correct predictions out of 5 predictions = $50


5 consecutive predictions completes the payment cycle.


Since the predictions are a binary choice, 50% correct is the mean. So, you should average at least 2.5 correct days each week if you are performing at average random chance. But I know that you will do better than that, as our actual average is closer to 3/5.


If you have a good handle on the process and are a high performer, you may continue for another week for an additional 5 more more paid predictions. If you complete 10 predictions and continue to be a high performer, there is an opportunity for a permanent position on our team (contingent on performance). That's right, you can be a professional time traveler! ;-) 

If you are interested in this job, please submit the following application form. We will evaluate your credentials and if you are accepted, then we will confirm your new position as a professional time traveler, and get back to you with your log-in credentials and a quick training video.


Please fill out the following application form in order to participate in the Time-Machine project. If you are accepted, we get get back to you as soon as possible with your login credentials and a short training video.

Do you consider yourself an intuitive person?
Have you ever meditated?
Do you consider yourself a creative person?
Would you be available to perform a task for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week?
Do you have a laptop, desktop or tablet device? (no smart phones)
Do you have a PayPal account? (required for payment)

Thanks for applying!

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